The Exquisite Garden Project

 "if you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea..."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, from the Little Prince

The Exquisite Gardener's Visible Transparency Project at San Francisco's own Museum of Craft and Design in the historic and quickly changing Dogpatch district brought our tried and true team of veteran Gardeners with a good mixture of new people folded in, and , as usual, everyone pitched in, bonded, worked very hard, and made this the best Exquisite Garden yet! Gardener Will Brubaker worked overtime to bring his vision of a garden shed surrounded by tons of stuff come alive.The Guthrie brothers Don and Ralph worked their magic on the sides of the shed.This is Will's last stateside effort, as he is moving to Australia in a few weeks. Many others worked on an amazing NEST form, with Holden Crane laying out the original form. A huge Rauschenbergian wall piece magically took form, Jeff Hvid's hanging found object ceiling twisty - turnies looked fantastic, and surprise drawings by Deepa Jayanth brought a calm footnote to the installation.New member Guy Mayenobe built a kinetic fortune telling monkey sculpture..maybe the most popular piece in the entire exhibit! Thanks to the Boeger ranch and winery for the loan of a perfectly rusted 1930 Chevy flatbed truck, and a truckload of rusty vintage fenders and radiators too! New members Sid Parasnis, Suhas Bhujbal, Merryll Saylan,Tim Karjialinin, Mary Lee Rybar, Guy Mayenobe, Lissa Herschleb, Chevenee Reavis, and Deepa Jayanth all became valuable contributors to this mighty installation. Kim McNeelan came back from the midwest to throw her considerable talent around with us after missing the last couple installations.Veteran members 'lexi Boeger, Holden Crane, Tim Weldon, Benva St. Morris, Elia Vargas, Jeff Hvid, Beth Mullins, Sam Dantone, and Terry Brubaker showed up and did solid, creative, and always inspired work. Thanks to Nick Brubaker,  for photographing the installation. Mitch Shandley , veteran Gardener, was too busy laying stone to help us this time but loaned us his brand new Izusu stake bed truck…whoa! Nice ride, that. We have received tons of great feedback from this installation, and it is on a very successful three month roll. Thanks San Francisco, thanks Museum of Craft and Design, and thanks to the Gardeners who always show up, and always make it happen, all with good energy and lots of good intentions and talent.

It takes some work to make a great Exquisite Garden…sparks may fly!

It takes some work to make a great Exquisite Garden…sparks may fly!

Below are some images of the VISIBLE TRANSPARENCY PROJECT.Please click on the image to transition to the next one.Enjoy!

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